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Rehabilitation & Diagnostic

Rehabilitation & Diagnostic

PREMEDION® Rehabilitation center is a practice for Physical Therapy and medical training therapy located in Borg EL Arab Alexandria.

Rehabilitation & Diagnostic

With a focus on prevention, health promotion and human physical performance improvement. Our Healthcare professionals are internationally accredited German Physical Therapists, Sports Therapists, Massage Therapists and Remedial Instructors with experience in the Physical examinations and physical treatments of wide range of physical dysfunctions and disabilities.

Our holistic and integrative preventive approach combines classic German Physical Therapy Modalities and Methods derived from remedial training (active modalities) and evidence based (Passive Modalities), our dedicated team will objectively determine your physical capabilities and limitations setting your goals for accelerated recovery.

Whether you are a high performing athlete, an office work performer, experiencing pain, expecting surgery, or just discharged from a hospital after surgery or Medical treatment. PREMEDION® can assist you in returning to everyday activities after an accident, relieving pain, reducing stress and enhancing your physical performance.

PREMEDION® Alexandria is a licensed healthcare facility regulated by MOH, referrals implying medical necessity of Physical Therapy services is welcomed and a plan of care would be developed accordingly.

Below is an example of what our German Physical Therapists can plan for your treatment after objectively screening and examining you to establish your baseline capabilities and performance level: